How to Stream the ICC World Cup Live

How to Stream the ICC World Cup Live

ICC World Cup is the most monumental tournament all across the world. While every cricket lover never wants to miss a single match of this highly privileged series. Every time there are more than 10 teams from different countries play for the championship.  

Nowadays people prefer to watch the ICC world cup on their smartphone and PCs. Watching live streaming on phones and PCs is similar to watching your favorite videos on YouTube. Some countless websites and apps offer live cricket matches. No matter where you are the only thing to need to watch every glimpse of a match is an internet connection on your phone or PCs. 

All of these websites offer match highlights, live matches, match scores, and much other vital information to get you each second update. Here we are going with the most famous live streaming websites and apps that can be downloaded for free! Once you are done subscribing, they will offer you swift and seamless match views.

Popular Live streaming application


hotstar World Cup Live

Not only the teenage group but also citizens of all age groups hardly like to watch the ICC World Cup. With more than 300 million subscribers till the date, the Hotstar was started by Novi Digital in 2015. In India, Cricket is counted as the lifeline of many people. After the launching of this application, it became the most popular and widely downloaded app in India. Since the beginning period, these impeccable smartphone apps have almost covered the majority virtue of India. While compared to Netflix, HotStar gives a very tough competition to Netflix. If we compare the users then, HotStar has more than 300 million users on the opposite side, Netflix has only 100 million users.

Willow TV

willow- World Cup Live

it is perfect for cricket lovers. Resonate with the Chromecast, Willow TV offers almost everything from the live matches to showing the highlights with the most advanced quality. You can easily get access to the scorecards, commentary, and many more to enjoy matches with ease. Willow TV is popular across the US and Canada. With the ICC World cup, Willow TV is the official broadcaster of the Indian Premier League, Cricket South Africa, Bangladesh Cricket Board, Zimbabwe Cricket Board in the US, and Canada.

Popular Live Cricket streaming websites

Crictime (

Crictime is the most common and most popular live streaming cricket website. Whether Domestic to International Cricket, crictime offers free live streaming with millions of hits every day. Crictime can broadcast about 3 to 4 matches at the same time.

Live Cricket (

While few people know about this website, it is gaining popularity to people across the world due to flawless and lag less live streaming experience to users. Live cricket is also linked to numerous channels to offer multiple entertainment video highlights to its users.

All in all, online streaming websites and apps successfully revolutionizing the entire technical industry that exists across the world. Check this out next time to get the best experience of Live Streaming of the ICC world cup.